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August 12, 2020   |

Press Release

Old World Industries, LLC and its BlueDEF® Brand Join the Diesel Technology Forum

Working Together Advancing the Future for Clean Diesel Technology

August 12, 2020 (WASHINGTON, DC) – The Diesel Technology Forum (DTF) is pleased to announce that Old World Industries, LLC (OWI), a global powerhouse in the automotive and chemical industries, has joined the Forum. OWI manages over a dozen leading consumer and commercial brands across 62 countries, including its highly recognized PEAK® and BlueDEF® brands of automotive functional fluids. 

Celebrating its 20th year, through research, collaboration and outreach, the not-for-profit Diesel Technology Forum promotes greater awareness of the energy efficiency, economic importance, and continuous improvement of advanced clean diesel technologies in all applications in the United States and around the world.

“OWI manufactures and distributes BlueDEF®, America’s #1 Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) brand. DEF is a critical component of many of today’s advanced clean diesel engines, vehicles and equipment, which makes OWI a great addition to our growing membership,” said Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director of the Forum.

Through their BlueDEF® brand, OWI supplies the highest-quality diesel exhaust fluid in the market to diesel car and truck owners at major retail outlets.  OWI is also a full-service supplier of DEF and a wide range of bulk delivery systems to commercial trucking, construction, marine and other diesel equipment customers across North America. Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a key component in many of today’s advanced technology diesel engines that utilize selective catalytic reduction systems. It enables the lower emissions and increased fuel efficiency achieved in today’s modern clean diesel systems.

“OWI welcomes the opportunity to support the work of the Diesel Technology Forum and we share their outlook for a vibrant future for advanced clean diesel technology,” said Charles Culverhouse, CEO of Old World Industries. “We are excited to work together to highlight how advanced clean diesel technology will be the continued technology of choice for a more sustainable future.”

For additional information, visit https://www.peakhd.com/ and www.dieselforum.org.

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About the Diesel Technology Forum
Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2020, the Diesel Technology Forum is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of diesel engines, fuel, and technology. Forum members are leaders in advanced engines, vehicles and equipment, cleaner diesel and renewable biofuels and emissions-control systems. For more information visit https://www.dieselforum.org/.

About Old World Industries
Old World Industries, LLC is a family-owned company and a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality automotive and heavy-duty fluids. It is among the largest privately-held companies competing in the automotive aftermarket. The Northbrook, Illinois-based company enjoys a presence in various consumer product markets in 62 countries. Old World’s brands include a full line of PEAK® Performance Automotive Products including Coolant, Antifreeze, Motor Oil, Washer Fluid, Lighting and Wiper Blades; BlueDEF® Diesel Exhaust Fluid and Equipment; Victory Blue™ Diesel Exhaust Fluid; Final Charge® Global Heavy Duty Extended Life Coolant; Fleet Charge® SCA Precharged Heavy Duty Coolant; and HERCULINER® Truck Bed Liner Kits. For more information, please visit www.owi.com.

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