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February 21, 2018   |

Press Release

No More 'Rolling Coal' in Utah

Diesel Technology Forum Supports Legislation to Prohibit Tampering with Vehicle Emission Controls 

The following statement was read before the Utah House of Representatives on behalf of the Diesel Technology Forum, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of diesel engines, fuel and technology.

As this bill continues its progress through Utah's legislature, the Forum's exective director and policy director are available for comment. Contact Sarah Dirndorfer at sdirndorfer@dieselforum.org to arrange a conversation.

More information on clean diesel technology is available on our website: http://www.dieselforum.org.

Statement in Support of Utah HB 171

"On behalf the Diesel Technology Forum, we would like to tell Coal Rollers in Utah to knock it off. We urge the small population of pickup enthusiasts to Roll Clean. The Diesel Technology Forum is a non-profit educational organization that represents manufacturers of diesel engines, vehicles and equipment including those that manufacture work trucks and the engines that power them.

For the last decade, the industry has invested millions of dollars to produce fuel sipping diesel engines that today are near-zero in emissions and will be closer to zero in the near future. These include the work trucks that seem to be the vehicle of choice for Coal Rollers. The Diesel Technology Forum is extremely disappointed with the practice of rolling coal. Our organization believes that this practice is limited to a very small minority of diesel pickup truck owners who have chosen to alter their engine and emissions control performance for the purpose of producing black smoke emissions.

We support efforts to identify and penalize gross emitters and reject the practice of tampering with engines or emissions controls for the sole purpose of producing excess emissions.

Here, the Clean Air Act supports such efforts by specifically prohibiting “any person knowingly to remove or render inoperative any device or element of design installed on or in a motor vehicle or motor vehicle engine in compliance with regulations under [Title II of the Clean Air Act regarding mobile sources] prior to its sale or delivery to the ultimate purchaser, or for any person knowingly to remove or render inoperative any such device or element of design after such sale and delivery to the ultimate purchaser.”

Clean diesel passenger vehicles, including work trucks, are proving to be a popular clean and efficient choice for Utah residents. According the most recent data, about 148,000 clean diesel vehicles were on the road in Utah compared to just over 36,500 hybrids. More clean diesels on We are saddened to see what we believe is a small proportion of diesel pickup truck owners tamper with state of the art technologies that save fuel and provide clean air benefits to everyone. While we recognize diesel enthusiasts’ love for diesel engines and the performance of their vehicles, the practice of generating excess emissions – ‘rolling coal’-- is not representative of the manner in which diesel engines were designed to operate. We appreciate the opportunity to provide our insights on HB 171." 

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About The Diesel Technology Forum

The Diesel Technology Forum is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of diesel engines, fuel and technology. Forum members are leaders in clean diesel technology and represent the three key elements of the modern clean-diesel system: advanced engines, vehicles and equipment, cleaner diesel fuel and emissions-control systems. For more information visit www.dieselforum.org.


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