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April 16, 2019   |

Press Release

Diesel and The Future of Trucking

Continued innovations, increasing efficiency and lower emissions ensure a place for advanced diesel technology in the future

April 16, 2019 (WASHINGTON) – Thoughts on how diesel technologies will remain part of the trucking industry from the desk of Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum.

Aspirations and predictions for new fuels and technologies are high, but these must be evaluated in the context of reality to meet the needs of the trucking industry both today and tomorrow. The new generation of  diesel technology continues to evolve to ensure that truckers can deliver their cargo anywhere, anytime, under any conditions.

Diesel – the most energy efficient internal combustion engine – remains the technology of choice in the trucking industry. Diesel's dominance in trucking has held steady over many decades and challenges from many other fuel types, thanks to its unique combination of unmatched features: proven fuel efficiency, economical operation, power, reliability, durability, availability, easy access to fueling and service facilities, and now near-zero emissions performance.

And diesel technologies are not standing still. Right alongside the exploration of alternative powertrains, manufacturers are developing even cleaner, more efficient diesel engines. From coupling with hybrid-electric technology and battery storage systems, to pushing thermal efficiency boundaries, the new generation of advanced diesel technology is part of a sustainable future.

New renewable diesel fuels and advanced biofuels deliver further benefits when paired with diesel engines: lower carbon dioxide emissions and significant reductions in ozone precursors. These renewable biofuels are helping public and private fleets in cities and states across the country take meaningful steps toward a low-carbon future.

Our shared goal is to provide goods movement technologies that meet the needs of the customer and society, and are economically viable. The new generation of advanced diesel technology is already competing in the future, today. 

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