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March 03, 2014   |   Diesel Technology Forum

Press Release

Curtain Rises on New Generation Clean Diesel Engines and Equipment at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014 Convention

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“Near-zero emissions and improved efficiency mark a key chapter in the clean diesel story.”

-Allen Schaeffer, Diesel Technology Forum

Las Vegas, NV – The most advanced and efficient clean diesel equipment and technology for construction, industrial and farm use is being unveiled to the public for the first time at the international CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014 convention.

More than 120,000 visitors and 2,400 exhibitors are expected to attend the five-day event, which begins Tuesday at the Las Vegas Convention Center, according to CONEXPO-CON/AGG officials.

Because a majority of all construction and agricultural equipment is diesel-powered, this new generation of clean diesel technology unveiled at the convention will power the future of these two vital sectors of the economy, said Allen Schaeffer, the Executive Director of the Diesel Technology Forum.

“In 2004, EPA challenged diesel engine and equipment makers to virtually eliminate emissions from a wide range of diesel engines used in construction, farm and industrial applications,” Schaeffer said. “Beginning in 2008, manufacturers responded with increasingly low-emissions technology leading up to the 2014 Tier 4 standards.

“What we’re seeing here this week is the unveiling of the newest clean diesel technology for the iconic workhorses of every construction project - wheel loaders, backhoes, excavators and bulldozers - in many shapes and sizes that are able to work in the smallest spaces or move the heaviest loads of material. These are the bread and butter of the construction industry, and now these machines are more than 90 percent lower in emissions than a decade ago,” Schaeffer said.

New Diesel Technology Reduces Emissions & Increases Efficiency Of Wide Selection of Equipment

“There are two things that make this 2014 so-called Tier 4 accomplishment especially significant. First, the fact that manufacturers were able to meet this challenge over such a wide range of diverse size and types of construction equipment is truly a remarkable achievement. Second, the manufacturers were able to do it while also making these machines more efficient and productive for their customers. Reducing fuel costs, lowering emissions and improving productivity are key considerations for any contractor.”

Schaeffer said manufacturers have met the emissions challenge by using a variety of innovative engineering strategies to deliver near- zero emissions of particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions across this wide range of equipment. Particulate filters, exhaust gas recirculation, oxidation catalysts, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and many in-engine strategies are being deployed in varying combinations.

“With the increasing demands for green construction practices on infrastructure and public works projects, these new machines will be an essential asset for contractors looking to win these important bids,” Schaeffer said. “Smaller machines and engines met many of these clean diesel standards last year, while the largest engines used in locomotive and marine applications are required to reduce emissions by over 90 percent in 2015.

“It’s also interesting to see how the new clean diesel technology platform is the foundation for new hybrid powertrains now being introduced in some excavators, bulldozers and wheel loaders. The combination of the most energy efficient clean diesel engine with hybrid technology will be an irresistible combination for some contractors.

Several Manufacturers are Leaders in Advanced Technology

“The best examples of the new generation of clean diesel engines and equipment – come from the leaders in the industry- companies like Caterpillar, Cummins, Bosch, Deere, Volvo, Johnson Matthey, Navistar, Mack Trucks, Tognum/MTU Onsite Energy, Case New Holland, Yanmar, FPT Industrial and Isuzu. They are producing technologies that best meet the growing demands of their customers and increasingly diverse societal demands for environmental performance.”

In a series of video segments from the CONEXPO show floor, the Diesel Technology Forum will be showcasing these technologies and interviews with officials from the companies throughout the week on our website at http://www.dieselforum.org/tier4.

For additional information about the CONEXPO-CON/AGG exhibits and equipment go to the following company websites:

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Caterpillar Inc.

Cummins Inc.

Deere and Company

- FPT Industrial

Isuzu Motors America LLC

Johnson Matthey

Mack Trucks Inc.



Volvo Construction Equipment

Yanmar America Industrial Engines

Diesel Technology Forum


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