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February 13, 2017   |   Diesel Technology Forum

Press Release

Cruze Control: New Chevy Cruze Diesel Sedan at 52 MPG Highway Owns a Top Spot in Fuel Economy Race

EPA-Certified Cruze Diesel Another Major Positive Step For Future of U.S. Diesel Market

Washington, D.C. – Today’s announcement by Chevrolet that the 2017 Cruze Diesel Sedan has achieved a U.S. EPA-estimated 52 mpg highway rating - the highest highway fuel economy rating of any non-hybrid/non-EV in America – is a clear indication about the future for diesel passenger vehicles in the U.S., according to the Diesel Technology Forum.

The 2017 Chevy Cruze Diesel Sedan is to be introduced in the U.S. later this year and will include options for either a standard six-speed manual or a new optional Hydra-Matic nine-speed automatic transmission that includes fuel-saving stop/start technology. The vehicle range is reported to be 702 miles on a single tank of fuel.

The Cruze will also come in a highly-anticipated diesel hatchback model later this year.

“For Chevy to break the 50-mpg barrier with its new Cruze Diesel Sedan sends a very strong message about the possibilities for clean diesel as a competitive technology in the fuel economy race.  And the accomplishment is made even more impressive that it achieved it under a more stringent EPA emissions testing regime,” said Allen Schaeffer, the Executive Director of the Diesel Technology Forum.

“Just two months into 2017, the future for clean diesel in passenger vehicles in the U.S. has received two major boosts - first with the announcement that Ford intends to offer a new 3.0L diesel option in its Ford F-150, the best-selling pickup truck for the past 40 years, and now the Chevy Cruze Diesel Sedan breaking the 50-mpg barrier,” said Schaeffer.

New Diesels Coming to All Sectors of U.S. Passenger Vehicle Market

“In addition, diesels are moving forward in the SUV sector.  GMC has announced a new 1.6L turbo-diesel engine option for its all-new 2018 GMC Terrain SUV, Mazda will be introducing a 2017 CX-5 SKYACTIV-D SUV diesel later this year, and Chevy will also offer a diesel option for the Chevrolet Equinox.

“SUVs and light trucks largely carried the U.S. passenger vehicle market in 2016 with more than 60 percent of the market,” Schaeffer said.  “With new diesel SUV and light trucks coming to the U.S. along with the fuel-efficient Chevy Cruze Diesel Sedan in the smaller vehicle sector, there will be great choices for consumers in all key segments.”

To learn more about the clean diesel vehicles currently available in the U.S. – and those that will arrive soon – visit http://www.dieselforum.org/diesel-drivers/clean-diesel-vehicles-available-in-the-u-s.

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