What is Clean Diesel?

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December 30, 2010   |   The Toronto Globe and Mail

Press Release

Clean Diesel Cars Have Better Resale Value Than Hybrids and Gasoline Cars

The Toronto Globe and Mail reports on how green cars hold their resale value.
As the first electric cars enter the marketplace, reporter Michael Vaughan of The Toronto Globe and Mail examines how depreciation could affect the new technology's resale value when compared with hybrids, clean diesel and gasoline cars.

In his article "How Well Will a Used Green Car Hold Its Value?", Vaughan cites some specific examples to compare the resale value of comparable clean diesels, hybrids and gasoline cars.

The results: "If you want to go ‘green' yet come out ahead in the Depreciation Derby then diesel is your choice over hybrid. It doesn't mean that one technology is superior to the other, but it does demonstrate what the market thinks. Diesels are perceived by consumers as economical and reliable so they retain more value."

Read Vaughan's entire article in The Toronto Globe and Mail.


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