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September 01, 2016   |   Diesel Technology Forum

Press Release

Are You Ready? Planning, Proven Technologies Key for Emergency Preparedness

Washington, DC -With September designated as “National Preparedness Month” by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Homeland Security, the Diesel Technology Forum is working to promote awareness and encouraging governments, businesses and individuals to take the necessary steps to prepare for emergencies.

Preparation is the Key to Success

In any phase of an emergency or disaster - preparing in advance, responding during the event, or recovering afterwards - we must be able to count on proven technologies to get the job done no matter the conditions or circumstances.  From portable light towers and mobile pumps, to powering backup generators that give hospitals and operating rooms electricity within seconds of a blackout, to debris-moving construction machines, diesel technology is the foundation of readiness, response and recovery efforts. This is due to diesel’s proven reliability, durability, efficiency, safety and performance.

Without Emergency Power You’re in the Dark

Access to continuous reliable electricity is key to protecting public health and safety and to minimize economic losses, and provide basic services.  Power outages mean not only darkness, but also lack of refrigeration, water, and constraints on mobility.  Being able to pump gasoline and diesel fuel during times of loss of electrical power requires backup generators.

States along the eastern Seaboard and the Gulf Coast offer programs that offset the purchase of an emergency standby generator or the necessary electrical switchgear to accept a mobile generator.  Most recently, Maryland, New York and New Jersey adopted programs to help retail fuel locations and emergency shelters to purchase this necessary equipment to keep motorists on evacuation routes fueled, allow first responders to refuel, and keep the lights on at shelters.  

Being Unprepared Can Be Devastating to Businesses

For businesses, interruptions in electrical power can be devastating - even in the short term.  Ensuring reliable backup power systems are in place now will save time, money and minimize economic losses when emergencies do occur.  

According to the White House Council of Economic Advisers, weather related blackouts cost the economy billions every year.  In 2012 alone, the U.S. suffered 11 separate $1 billion disasters.  According to a Washington Post report, grid reliability in the U.S. is deteriorating, and in the past five years, the number of power outages that effect 50,000 or more people has doubled.

Portable generators are widely available in many sizes and fuel types including gasoline, diesel, natural gas and propane.  No matter the fuel type, all need to be used with safety as the top priority. 


Tips and Advice to Protect Homes & Businesses Against Power Outages

To help businesses and cities protect critical facilities during a power outage, the Diesel Technology Forum has outlined several considerations for using backup electrical power:

For more information, visit the following companies which are leaders in backup emergency power:

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The Diesel Technology Forum is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of diesel engines, fuel and technology. Forum members are leaders in clean diesel technology and represent the three key elements of the modern clean-diesel system: advanced engines, vehicles and equipment, cleaner diesel fuel and emissions-control systems. For more information visit www.dieselforum.org.

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