What is Clean Diesel?

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European Union

News and Insights on Diesel in Europe

After over a decade of rising to more than 50 percent market penetration and helping Europe achieve world leadership in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport, diesel is now at the center of a clean air debate. Substantial numbers of older technology diesel engines in passenger vehicles still in operation have higher emissions than new technology diesel engines now achieving the “Euro 6” emissions certification levels. Government and industry have been working to ensure that going forward, a focus on real world emissions performance is both transparent and effective at meeting the environmental quality standards of the European Union. 

Even as interest in electric vehicles and other fuels increases, the new generation of diesel technology remains a good choice for EU drivers because of its unmatched efficiency, durability and reliability and economical ownership and operation. Having a proven low greenhouse gas emissions technology like diesel is an important part of achieving global greenhouse and climate commitments.

However, efforts to ban or restrict the use and operation of certain vehicles like existing diesel cars will create undue hardships for vehicle owners, distort markets and consumer economics and have rapid and undesirable effects for all parties. A patchwork of rules, restrictions and conflicting policies targeting any technology ultimately works against personal mobility and consumer choice across borders and amongst countries.

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