What is Clean Diesel?

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April 06, 2011   |   The Hill

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DERA - A Program Worth Saving

"Fifteen years ago, there was no such thing as a clean diesel. Big city transit riders held their breath when the bus pulled away from the curb, and parents worried about their children being exposed to plumes of black smoke from the tailpipes of old school buses. Diesel trucks brought us the goods we wanted, but with a side dish of pollution.

"Today, new diesel buses, trucks and other engines are more than 90 percent cleaner. These new diesel engines operate smoke-free, have created thousands of new jobs in the hard-hit engine manufacturing sector and elsewhere, and are helping to save escalating fuel costs by operating more efficiently. A national diesel clean-up effort has enjoyed broad, bipartisan support."

But an important clean air program to modernize and upgrade older diesel engines will end this year unless Congress takes action. This stituation is outlined by Diesel Technology Forum Executive Director Allen Schaeffer and Richard Kassel of the Natural Resources Defense Council in an April 6th article in The Hill's Congress Blog.

To read more about saving this important program, go to "A Program Worth Saving" in The Hill.



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