What is Clean Diesel?

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Advanced diesel technology is a fuel-efficient and available option in vans, sport utility vehicles, compact, full-size, and heavy-duty pickup trucks. Diesel engines are known for their outstanding performance, fuel efficiency, and towing capabilities along with exceptional durability and typically higher resale values.

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Helpful Tools

  • Diesel Drivers

    Advanced Diesel Vehicles Available in the United States

    A list of diesel SUVs, trucks, and vans available in the United States. Advanced diesel technology provides class-leading fuel efficiency, towing performance and driving range along with durability and higher resale value.

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  • About Clean Diesel

    U.S. Vehicle Sales Dashboard

    Quarterly numbers and insight on the sales of light-duty diesel cars, trucks, vans and SUVs in the U.S.

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  • Clean Diesel 101

    What is SCR?

    Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is an active emissions control technology system used in many advanced diesel engines.

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  • Diesel Drivers

    Why Diesel?

    Choosing a diesel engine option for your next SUV, pick-up truck or van is a great choice that delivers impressive fuel-economy, great driving range and performance without compromising towing or hauling capabilities. And, by using low-carbon renewable biodiesel fuels, you’ll be able to further lower your carbon footprint.

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  • Clean Diesel 101

    Why Diesel Isn't Dirty

    With a higher degree of certainty than ever before, we can say that diesel is a clean technology.

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  • Diesel Drivers

    Fuel Locator

    Diesel fuel is widely available throughout the US. Recent estimates show about two-thirds of all retail fueling facilities have diesel pumps, with almost all newly built stations including diesel fuel. A growing number of stations offer biodiesel options as well.

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