What is Clean Diesel?

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Companies join the Forum because they want to aggressively promote diesel engines, fuels and technology as valuable product and technology solutions for addressing key national priorities.

Who Are We?

The Diesel Technology Forum (DTF) is the only organization dedicated solely to promoting a viable future for a wide range of diesel power and applications.  DTF is an established enterprise with recognized credibility with environmental organizations, government regulators, media, and political leaders. The Forum was established deliberately to bring together all key stakeholders of the clean diesel system – engines and components, vehicles and equipment, fuels and emissions control technology.  This unified approach on technology provides us unique credibility and engagement with other stakeholders.  

DTF is a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of the benefits of diesel technology.  Membership in the Forum is on a corporate basis and is open to qualified engine, vehicle or component manufacturers, fuel refiners or manufacturers of emissions control devices.

Top Ways DTF Can Help You

Contribute to a Favorable Business and Regulatory Environment Through Government Affairs Activities:

The key foundation of any successful government affairs effort begins with education and awareness. DTF does that for you by ensuring that key federal and state policymakers in energy, transportation, environment, tax and trade receive a steady diet of weekly education about the many benefits, uses and importance of clean diesel. For 2015 we are focused on climate, energy, clean air and transportation policies in Washington and around the world. We engage with policymakers, respond to requests, provide desk-side briefings and more on an on-going basis, and we are prepared to coordinate and collaborate with your government affairs efforts to provide supportive materials, messaging or targeting.

Inform Corporate Strategy and Risk Management:

Our strategic monitoring and analysis of scientific research captures several hundred peer-reviewed scientific studies each year; most are targeted to health effects and emissions concerns coming from diesel engines. Some gain international media attention and others explode on social media. Every day we scan the universe for these reports, analyze and catalog them, and respond as appropriate so you don’t have to.

Contribute to a Favorable Public Opinion and Media Environment:

DTF maintains the most aggressive, highly-focused and effective media relations and social media communicators and strategists; all working for the diesel industry and DTF member companies. We use the most advanced monitoring tools and platforms to know what’s being said about diesel technology all around the world and who is saying it, and we know how to respond to negative media coverage and leverage positive stories – 24/7; 365. We produce insightful reports on the global policy and social conversations impacting your products and business.

Keep Up with the Latest News:

We send a curated weekly news summary of the global news and social media conversations about diesel technology to our members. We scan and analyze over 300 stories every day that provide unique insights to what’s happening in the policy world and markets for diesel technology.

Projecting the Pro-Clean Diesel Voice and Experience in International Forums:

As the leading clean diesel advocate, by necessity our work is expanding into the international space to step up a response to threats against diesel engines. We will also project the pro-clean diesel story around the world to promote investment in new and cleaner technology. Since 2012 we have been responding to international threats against diesel technology including biased and misinformed media and aggressive anti-diesel movements by NGO groups.

Supplement Corporate Communications, Media and Marketing Communications:

DTF’s hallmark work is in the area of communications. We advance pro clean diesel messages to media and customer audiences as well as influential third parties. Through webinars and exhibiting at key policymaker and NGO events, we ensure that the diesel industry message is well represented.

Commissioning Key Benefits and Marketing Research:

For 2015 we have a robust research agenda to determine the rates of penetration of new technology diesel engines, the customer and societal benefits of the technology, along with unique case studies comparing technology choices and real-world scenarios. We use this fact base to drive media coverage, influence policymakers and rebut critics.

What You Get*

Brand Promotion

Policymaker Outreach

Educate Yourself about Policy and Industry Trends

Meet and Learn from Your Peers

*Benefits vary based on level of membership

Who in my company should be involved in DTF?

A wide range of member company representatives are involved in DTF including Washington representatives, state government affairs managers, public policy experts, directors of communication, public affairs and marketing, technical engineering and corporate managers. Most companies have more than one person involved in DTF activities. Industry sectors represented include light-duty vehicle OEMs, heavy-duty truck, engine and off-road and farm equipment makers, fuel refiners, renewable fuel companies, Tier I & II suppliers, emissions control and retrofit technology manufacturers, petroleum associations and diesel repair organizations. DTF meetings are held by conference call, web, and in person.

Contact Us

Interested in becoming a member? We would love to offer you a sneak peek of our exclusive member benefits. Just send us an email to membership@dieselforum.org and we’ll give you a one month preview of some of our one-of-a-kind benefits including weekly Member Insights, a Monthly Member Report, weekly diesel news summaries, and special member only alerts.

Want more information on membership? Send us an email at membership@dieselforum.org or call us at 301-668-7230 and we would be happy to discuss membership benefits further with you. 


For more information on becoming a Diesel Technology Forum member company, including a membership application and a current dues schedule, e-mail membership@dieselforum.org

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