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VW Environmental Mitigation Trust

The $2.7 billion Environmental Trust included in the VW settlement provides funding for states to upgrade or repower older vehicles and equipment to rapidly reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) that contribute to ground level ozone, or smog.

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Policy Overview

More VW Fund Information

  • Policy Insider | 12/06/16

    The Promise of an Early Christmas for Clean Air

    New clean diesel technology can deliver more emissions reductions for a fixed investment than emerging alternatives.

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  • Policy Insider | 08/25/16

    Your State Won the Clean Air Fund Lottery. Now What?

    States hit the clean air lottery, thanks to $$ that will be flowing from an environmental mitigation trust from the VW emissions settlement.

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  • Policy Insider | 08/09/16

    How the VW Settlement Can Benefit Environmental Justice Communities

    The opportunity is here, the technology is available, and users are motivated. What are we waiting for to get on the road to cleaner air?

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  • Policy Insider | 07/22/16

    A $2.7 Billion Missed Opportunity

    For any level of funding, more near-zero NOx technologies may find their way on the road & at work with clean diesel than other technologies.

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  • Policy Insider | 06/30/16

    Big News for Clean Air Thanks to One Global Automaker

    The VW settlement will get more near-zero emissions diesel technology into the population of trucks and equipment to deliver clean air benefits.

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