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February 1, 2012 // OEM Off-Highway Magazine


In 2010, the DOE’s Vehicle Technologies Program initiated the SuperTruck Program, a DOE-funded industry cost-shared project. The goal of the five-year program is to design a heavy-duty Class 8 truck which demonstrates a 50% improvement in overall freight efficiency measured in ton-miles per gallon. To ensure there is total vehicle improvement, 30% of the efficiency must come from the tractor and trailer, while the other 20% should come from the engine. Along with the overall efficiency, each vehicle’s engine needs to show 50% brake thermal efficiency as well as a path to 55% brake thermal efficiency.

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Countries around world set to issue standards to improve diesel powered vehicle emissions helping improve air quality
about 20 hours ago

Did you know?

Today's clean diesel heavy-duty trucks are 98 percent cleaner than those made 10 years ago.