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Diesel Retrofit 101 – A Cost Effective Emissions Reduction Strategy
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Clean diesel technologies have arrived and can be applied to older diesel vehicles and equipment to significantly reduce emissions and improve air quality. This session will provide an introduction to diesel retrofit, answering questions such as What is retrofit? Why should diesel vehicles be retrofitted? How should organizations and communities go about retrofitting their fleet? Meant as an overview for planners and policymakers, the session will also address the air quality benefits of retrofitting for the development of State Implementation Plans (SIPs) and meeting transportation conformity concerns.

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Energy Efficiency, Energy Independence & Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions: The Role of Diesel
CMAQ Funded Diesel Retrofit Projects - A Guide to Understanding and Accessing the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Program
CMAQ Brochure

EPA: Diesel Retrofits
May 18, 2011

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Did you know?

Today's clean diesel heavy-duty trucks are 98 percent cleaner than those made 10 years ago.