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New Technology Diesel Engines and the Economic Contribution of Diesel Technology 

NEW:  Policy Challenges and Solutions to Support the Light-Duty Diesel Sector and Promote Fuel Economy and Energy Independence 

Fueling Economic Growth & Energy-Efficiency - Clean Diesel Technology

Diesel Powers the U.S. Economy: Providing High-Paying Jobs, Exports and Long-Term Productivity Gains in the Nation's Fundamental Sectors

Clean Diesel Overview: Key Facts

Fueling the Economy - NCSL Legisbrief

Diesel-Powered Machines and Equipment: Essential Uses, Economic Importance and Environmental Performance

Clean Diesel Technology for County Operations - NACo Fact Sheet

Diesel: Fueling the Future in a Green Economy


Dirty Burgers vs. Clean Trucks

Energy Efficiency, Energy Independence & Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions: The Role of Diesel

Sustainably Powering Our Economy with Clean Diesel Power

Climate Change, Black Carbon & Clean Diesel

Greening County Fleets - NACo Fact Sheet

Green Transportation - Council of State Governments Capitol Research Brief

Engineering Clean Air

Diesel Fuel

NEW: The Top 5 Questions About Diesel Fuel - the Fuel that Powers America

Fuel Prices Fact Sheet

Renewable Fuels Fact Sheet

Consumer Accessibility to On-Highway Diesel Fuel

Total Cost of Ownership: A Gas Versus Diesel Comparison

Clean Diesel and the Existing Fleet (Retrofit)

CMAQ: A Funding Source for Diesel Retrofits

CMAQ Funded Diesel Retrofit Projects

Retrofitting America's Diesel Engines

Clean Air, Better Performance: Strategies for Upgrading and Modernizing Diesel Engines

Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs) and Their Importance for Reducing Diesel Emissions

DERA FAQ: "The Past, Present and Future"

Diesel Electric Hybrid Vehicles

Power Generation - Emergency and Backup Diesel Generators

Diesel Generators: A Reliable and Clean Source of Power

Preserving Public Safety: The Facts about Diesel Power Generation

Off-Road Heavy-Duty Applications

NEW: Clean Diesel Powers America's Ports

Clean Diesel Technology for Off-Road Engines and Equipment: Tier 4 and More

Rebuilding, Repairing and Restoring the Nation’s Infrastructure: New Generation of Clean Diesel Technology Ready for Work

California Studies

The Contribution of Diesel Engines to Emissions of ROG, NOx, and PM in California: Past & Future

Diesel Technology and the California Economy

Reducing California Petroleum Consumption with Increased Use of High Efficiency Clean Diesel Technology

International Studies

Demand for Diesels: The European Experience

Diesel Kids - Energy in the U.S. 

Learn About Energy with Diesel Dan!


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Spotlight: Honeywell International

Honeywell is a leading supplier of advanced turbochargers that are a core part of the success of clean diesel technology in a wide range of ...

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