What is Clean Diesel?

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May 02, 2017   |   Autoweek


Why we love diesel: Cayenne S tows an Airbus A380

Porsche put the low-end torque performance of the Cayenne to the test recently by towing the largest passenger aircraft in service today -- the Airbus A380 -- out of its 60,000 square foot hangar, in the process setting a new Guinness world record for the Heaviest Aircraft Pull by a Production Car.

Which version of the Cayenne did Porsche use? The Cayenne S Diesel of course, which is also the version of the Cayenne we'd recommend for towing an airliner if you find yourself in such a situation. The 385 hp is certainly useful in this scenario, but it's the 627 lb-ft of torque that comes in handy when towing something like the 314-ton, 516-seat Airbus.

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What is Clean Diesel?

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