What is Clean Diesel?

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November 15, 2016   |   ForConstructionPros.com


2017 Pickup Truck Models Heat Up the Fuel Economy War

For years, truck manufacturers have waged a horsepower/torque war, with heavy-duty diesel pickups nearing an astonishing 900 ft.-lbs. of torque. As capability has exceeded many customers’ needs, manufacturers have turned their attention to the next battleground — fuel economy.

While torque and horsepower still earn bragging rights, many of the latest innovations — such as 10-speed transmissions, weight-saving materials, start-stop technology, engine management systems and aerodynamic technologies — promise lower operating costs. Those being addressed with the 2017 models are reducing weight; increasing aerodynamic efficiency; limiting fuel use when power is not needed; implementing more efficient transmission technology with more gears to keep the engine power band closer to its “sweet spot”; and increasing engine combustion efficiency.

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What is Clean Diesel?

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