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"These last 10 years have been called the decade of clean diesel: a system of cleaner engines, low-sulfur fuels, and advanced emissions control technologies ultimately deployed for all ranges and types of diesel powered vehicles, equipment and machines."

Diesel Technology Forum Executive Director Allen Schaeffer

From Coast to Coast, Public Transit Agencies Continue to Choose Clean Diesel & Diesel-Electric Hybrid Buses Over Other Alternatives
January 15, 2015 // Diesel Technology Forum

Washington, D.C. – New orders of clean diesel and diesel-electric hybrid buses by transit agencies in major communities like San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, and New York over the past year are a strong indication that clean diesel technology is still the all-around best choice for public transportation according to Allen Schaeffer, the Executive Director of the Diesel Technology Forum.

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Does a diesel car make sense for you?
March 24, 2015 // CBS MoneyWatch

Diesel engines typically deliver 20 to 40 percent higher mileage compared with gasoline equivalents, and diesel models retain a higher resale value -- helping to offset the initial cost. Such logic has kept diesel sales rising even as falling gasoline prices make such cost comparisons more difficult. The Diesel Technology Forum, a trade group, released new numbers yesterday showing that registrations of diesel cars and SUVs rose 13.5 percent in 2014 over a year earlier.

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Diesels made up majority of Mazda's Japan sales in February
March 24, 2015 // Nikkei

TOKYO -- Vehicles with diesel engines accounted for more than half of passenger cars sold by Mazda Motor in the domestic market last month, a first for the Japanese automaker. This marks the first time since 2000 that diesels made up a majority of cars sold by any Japanese automaker.

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Capitol Hill Briefing: Meeting America’s Fuel Efficiency & Environmental Goals With Clean Diesel Cars, Trucks & SUVs
March 12, 2015 // Diesel Technology Forum

Washington, D.C. – As the U.S. advances efforts to increase passenger car mileage and decrease Greenhouse Gas emissions in the coming years, advanced clean diesel vehicles can play a key role in achieving efficiency and environmental gains providing new government policies don’t hinder current or future technological advances, an industry panel said Wednesday during a Congressional briefing on Capitol Hill. The briefing entitled - “Driving the Future: Technologies are ready to meet future fuel economy and clean air goals; what about policies?” – was hosted by the nonprofit associations Diesel Technology Forum and U.S. Coalition for Advanced Diesel Cars.

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Media Advisory Capitol Hill Briefing & Luncheon - “Driving the Future: Technologies are ready to meet future fuel economy and clean air goals; what about policies?”
March 9, 2015 // Diesel Technology Forum

Washington, D.C. – With increasingly stringent fuel economy requirements that will be mandated in the U.S. in the near future, automobile and engine manufacturers from all over the globe are introducing more fuel efficient technology options, including clean diesel choices, into their line-ups. The potential for the United States to be an emerging market for clean diesel vehicles and the many economic and clean air benefits of the new technology will the focus of a Congressional briefing and luncheon on Wednesday, March 11th. This Capitol Hill event is being sponsored by: - The Diesel Technology Forum - The U.S. Coalition for Advanced Diesel Cars

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Event: Fueling the Future in a Green Economy

The Diesel Technology Forum is engaged in a variety of events throughout the year ranging from technology displays to speaking engagements to Congressional briefings.

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The only thing wrong with the compression-ignition engine is that it was invented in 1893. If it had been developed by Elon Musk last year, Congress would be drafting legislation requiring every auto maker to offer diesel engines.