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"Diesels are not often thought of as being 'green,' but the latest generation diesels produce fewer tailpipe emissions and significantly reduce carbon dioxide output. Today's diesels are so clean they meet environmental standards in all states, including those that have adopted the more stringent California emissions rules."

AAA in its 2011 Earth Day announcement of its Top Picks for Green Vehicles

California, Texas & Florida Lead U.S. in High-Mileage Diesel & Hybrid Passenger Vehicles
June 4, 2014 // Diesel Technology Forum

Washington, D.C. – California, Texas and Florida lead the U.S. with the most registrations of fuel-efficient clean diesel and hybrid passenger vehicles according to a new analysis and data released today by the Diesel Technology Forum. The analysis is based on data that includes the registration statistics of all passenger vehicles – cars, SUVS, pickup trucks and vans – that were compiled by R.L. Polk and Company in all 50 states and the District of Columbia through December 31, 2013.

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Commentary: Don't Count Diesel Out
October 10, 2014 // TruckingInfo.Com

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that America could save up to 1.4 million barrels of oil per day – an amount equivalent to the oil we currently import from Saudi Arabia – if one-third of U.S. cars, pickup trucks and SUVs were diesel-powered. So go ahead and explore the various alternative fuels available. It could be that one is a perfect fit for your fleet's sustainability efforts. But if they're not, then take advantage of what today's clean diesel has to offer.

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Johnson Matthey
Johnson Matthey receives prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry landmark award
October 9, 2014 // Auto Car Professional

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), Europe’s largest organisation for advancing the chemical sciences, has awarded a National Chemical Landmark to Royston-based company Johnson Matthey, a global leader in emission control technologies. The National Chemical Landmark is in recognition of the company’s 40th anniversary of the world’s first commercial autocatalysts being manufactured in Royston, Hertfordshire, and the subsequent development of catalysts and filters for petrol and diesel vehicles that have cleaned billions of tonnes of pollutants from the environment worldwide. The award was received at an event held at the company’s headquarters in Royston during the summer.

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hydro bus white diesel vehicle
U.S. Public Transit Agencies Adopting New Clean Diesel Technology At Faster Rate Than National Average
October 14, 2014 // Diesel Technology forum

Houston, TX – Advancements in new clean diesel technology that has resulted in a transit buses with near zero emissions being adopted by U.S. transit officials at a faster pace than other large vehicle sectors, according to Ezra Finkin, the Director of Policy for the Diesel Technology Forum. Finkin explained that U.S. transit agencies were adopting clean diesel technology at a faster percentage than the heavy duty trucking fleet. Nationally, 44 percent of the diesel transit buses meet or exceed the first EPA clean diesel standard – Model Year 2007 or newer – while 33 percent of the U.S. truck fleet meet or exceed the standard.

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Diesel Technology Forum to Participate At EPA’s 2014 Vehicle Technology Showcase In Ann Arbor Today
October 9, 2014 // Diesel Technology Forum

Ann Arbor, MI – A variety of advanced technology vehicles and components including clean diesel, electric vehicles, hybrid and alternative fuels will be highlighted today at the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2014 Vehicle Technology Showcase. To showcase the major advancements in clean diesel technology, Allen Schaeffer, the Executive Director of Diesel Technology Forum, is participating and will present a video presentation entitled “Real World Benefits That Exceed Expectation Today: Clean Diesel” at the Forum’s display.

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Event: Fueling the Future in a Green Economy

The Diesel Technology Forum is engaged in a variety of events throughout the year ranging from technology displays to speaking engagements to Congressional briefings.

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The only thing wrong with the compression-ignition engine is that it was invented in 1893. If it had been developed by Elon Musk last year, Congress would be drafting legislation requiring every auto maker to offer diesel engines.