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"“The diesel industry has succeeded in innovative efforts to improve fuel efficiency and dramatically reduce emissions. This continued commitment and progress is helping companies and communities save money and reduce pollution, and propelling the clean energy jobs and industries that will power our economy in the 21st century." - Nancy Sutley, Chair, Council on Environmental Quality"

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New Environmental Study Urges “Caution” for Policymakers Considering Replacing Clean Diesel Trucks With Natural Gas Vehicles
May 19, 2015 // Diesel Technology Forum

Washington, D.C. – A new study published today said that switching from diesel to natural gas in heavy-duty trucks could worsen and accelerate negative climate impacts unless methane leakage can be lowered. The study also outlined the need for increased data and new policies to lower methane leakage in order for natural gas heavy duty trucks to have a possible environmental advantage over new and future clean diesel trucks.

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Soy growers happy with increased biodiesel volumes, but can produce more
June 26, 2015 // AG Producers

In an a hearing Thursday on the Renewable Fuels Standard held by the Environmental Protection Agency in Kansas City, Kan., American Soybean Association Kansas Director Bob Henry pointed to the many benefits of renewable biodiesel produced from soybean oil as he called on the agency to maintain its commitment to clean, domestically-produced renewable energy.

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Breaking the 11 MPG Barrier
June 25, 2015 // TruckingInfo.Com

The new project truck will incorporate some 20 different fuel-saving technologies and a handful of custom aerodynamic features, including Eco mudflaps, wheel covers, a roof extension, an airflow deflector, and an air control bumper, and a FASS fuel system — a fuel air separation system that combines a diesel fuel lift pump and a fuel filtration system to improve fuel mileage and engine performance — as well as a pre-emission Detroit Diesel 12.7-liter Series 60 engine powering it.

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Deere & Company
John Deere Clean Diesel Engines Help Atlas Copco Compressors Run Cleaner and Greener
July 1, 2015 // John Deere

For over a decade, John Deere engines have been a core part of environmental sustainability strategy for Atlas Copco, a manufacturer of a full line of gen-sets and portable air compressors.

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Advanced Diesel Technologies Featured During Sustainable Transportation Day In Washington D.C.
June 22, 2015 // Diesel Technology Forum

Washington, D.C. - The latest near-zero emissions and fuel savings technologies will be on display at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Sustainable Transportation Day June 22nd at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The event will feature Freightliner’s SuperTruck that more than doubles fuel economy from a heavy-duty Class 8 tractor powered with a diesel engine.

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Event: Fueling the Future in a Green Economy

The Diesel Technology Forum is engaged in a variety of events throughout the year ranging from technology displays to speaking engagements to Congressional briefings.

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The only thing wrong with the compression-ignition engine is that it was invented in 1893. If it had been developed by Elon Musk last year, Congress would be drafting legislation requiring every auto maker to offer diesel engines.