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"If one-third of all vehicles in the USA were already clean diesel vehicles today, we would be saving 1.4 million barrels of oil every day. That is equivalent to the amount of oil we currently import from Saudi Arabia."

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood

The Ups and Downs of Diesel and Gasoline Prices
January 8, 2015 // Diesel Technology Forum

For prospective car buyers, comparing gasoline versus diesel options often requires a comparison of diesel fuel vs PREMIUM gasoline, and in 2014, in 4 out of the 12 months, diesel was actually cheaper than premium unleaded. And diesel car buyers are looking at the big picture beyond today's price at the pump comparison.

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Diesel Fuel Prices: A Paradox
February 26, 2015 // // Diesel Technology Forum

Are low diesel fuel prices a good thing? Well.... it depends on who you are asking.

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Diesel is the Building Block in the Architecture of Abundance
February 18, 2015 // // Diesel Technology Forum

From energy assurance, grid reliability and even energy diplomacy, the Architecture of Abundance plan released last week by House leaders clearly relies on diesel.

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