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Recent Press Releases

    Press Releases

    Read Press Releases, statements and other announcements directly from the Diesel Technology Forum.

  • Press Release | 05/25/16

    Hitting the Road and Picking up Fuel Savings

    This Memorial Day weekend, more than 38 million Americans will hit the nation’s roads and highways

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  • Press Release | 05/20/16

    Diesel Hybrid Trucks Part of CA Zero Emissions Project

    New diesel technology will be part of a $23.6 million zero-emission transportation test program in California.

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  • Press Release | 05/18/16

    Improving America with the Most Advanced, Cleanest Equipment

    Diesel equipment is the overwhelming power source for infrastructure growth - and it's now cleaner and more efficient than ever before.

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  • Press Release | 05/11/16

    Clean Diesel: Fueling a Decade of Change

    Cleaner ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel & its role in major environmental gains are being celebrated during National Clean Air Month.

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  • Press Release | 05/04/16

    Clean Diesel Delivers Clean Air Benefits In Mid-Atlantic

    The Diesel Technology Forum's Allen Schaeffer spoke this morning at the 10th anniversary meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Diesel Collaborative.

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  • Press Release | 04/22/16

    Earth Day 2016 - A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

    In every sector and application of equipment new technology diesel engines are now near-zero in emissions and improving our environment.

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  • Press Release | 04/20/16

    Successful Clean Air Bill Introduced in U.S. Senate

    "Democratic and Republican leaders working together on this important environmental program is a welcome development."

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  • Press Release | 04/13/16

    Future, Technology Unveiled at Global Equipment Expo: Both Powered by Clean Diesel

    This expo puts on display the most advanced tools of work, of building and growing economies.

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  • Press Release | 04/06/16

    Clean Diesel Helps Greenhouse Gas Cuts Targets for Maryland

    Clean diesel technology and fuels will play a major role in helping Maryland reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030.

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  • Press Release | 03/23/16

    New EPA Report Shows Benefits of Diesel Emissions Reduction Act

    New EPA report shows 73,000 older diesel powered engines were upgraded or replaced resulting in major clean air benefits and fuel savings.

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  • Press Release | 03/18/16

    Future for Diesel Passenger Vehicles in U.S. Remains Positive Despite Recent Set Backs

    New federal fuel efficiency standards will be a boost for clean diesel vehicles, which have 30% better fuel efficiency than gas vehicles.

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  • Press Release | 03/11/16

    Diesel Vehicle Market in the U.S.To Be Focus of Discussion

    Allen Schaeffer of the Diesel Technology Forum & auto analyst Alan Baum will project the future of diesel passenger vehicles in the U.S.

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  • Press Release | 02/02/16

    Football’s Main Event Kicks-Off With Clean Diesel Technology

    The fan festivals for this week’s championship football game are relying on renewable diesel fuel to meet clean air & sustainability goals.

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  • Press Release | 01/29/16

    Clean Diesel Buses to Power Maryland’s Transit Future

    The Maryland Transit Administration is now in line to receive almost $100 million to invest in 172 advanced clean diesel buses.

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  • Press Release | 01/22/16

    Diesel Engines Power the World’s Top Work Boats

    Moving cargo & people requires reliable power sources & engines & diesel engines are the predominate power source for ships & work boats.

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  • Press Release | 01/21/16

    Diesel Power Ready To Help Northeast During Winter Storm

    East Coast governments & emergency responders are relying on reliable diesel technology to protect public health & safety during snow storm.

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  • Press Release | 12/09/15

    US Cities' GHG Strategies Rely on Diesel Technology & Fuels

    NY City, San Francisco & Oakland embrace clean diesel technology & bio-fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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  • Press Release | 12/01/15

    COP21 Goals Need Clean Diesel Technology, Renewable Biofuels

    Clean diesel technology and renewable biofuels will be key in helping the U.S. reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 26 to 28 percent by 2025.

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  • Press Release | 11/23/15

    Webcast: COP21 Climate Challenge & Sustaining Economic Stability

    On November 24th, a global webcast will discuss the benefits of diesel technology in meeting the COP21 challenge to limit global warming.

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  • Press Release | 11/17/15

    Global Web Event:Clean Diesel Power-COP 21 Climate Challenge

    This Global Forum prior to COP21 will provide an understanding of how clean diesel will be vital in meeting future global climate challenges.

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  • Press Release | 10/26/15

    Clean Diesel Key To Long Beach’s “Greenest Port in World”

    The Port of Long Beach announced it has surpassed every air pollution reduction milestone due, in part, to cleaner diesel trucks.

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  • Press Release | 10/22/15

    Introducing the New

    Have you checked out all the features on our new website yet?

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  • Press Release | 10/13/15

    What Is Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)?

    The Diesel Technology Forum issued the following explanation on SCR, an advanced active emissions control technology system used in clean diesel engines.

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  • Press Release | 10/01/15

    EPA’s New Ozone Standard: Clean Diesel Tech. Continues to Lead

    The Diesel Technology Forum issued the following statement in response to the revised U.S. EPA standards for ground level ozone.

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  • Press Release | 09/28/15

    Media Advisory: “Power Up" Webinar this Tuesday

    As part of National Preparedness Month, DTF will host a webinar on state plans to keep the lights on during severe weather events.

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  • Press Release | 09/23/15

    Statement: Regarding VW Diesel Situation

    The Diesel Technology Forum issued the following statement regarding clean diesel vehicles in the U.S.

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  • Press Release | 09/22/15

    Media Advisory: “Diesel Cars, Trucks and SUVs in the U.S.: C

    Washington, D.C. – The financial and environmental benefits of advanced clean diesel technology and fuel will be the foc

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  • Press Release | 09/02/15

    President Obama’s Climate Initiatives to Benefit From Major

    Washington, D.C. – With President Obama’s trip to Alaska and the Arctic this week and emphasis on increasing the United

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  • Press Release | 08/31/15

    “Wanna Save Money: Buy a Diesel Car” Webinar - Wednesday, Se

    Washington, D.C. – With September 1st marking the official kick-off to the new model year in the automotive world, consu

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  • Press Release | 08/21/15

    New Web Learning Series to Focus on Energy, Environmental Po

    Washington, D.C. – Beginning September 2nd, the Diesel Technology Forum will host a series of online web-based sessions

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  • Press Release | 08/18/15

    California to Be One of the Top Beneficiaries From New Truck

    Long Beach, CA – With one of the largest medium and heavy duty fleets in the country, California stands to benefit the m

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  • Press Release | 08/06/15

    Clean Diesel Power Key Part of Achieving Future Truck Effici

    Chicago, IL – The success in reaching the first phase of greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency standards for heavy-duty veh

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  • Press Release | 07/30/15

    Low Diesel Fuel Prices Enhance Market for Clean Diesel Cars

    Washington, D.C. – With diesel fuel prices dipping to the lowest levels since 2009 the U.S. vehicle market is prime for

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  • Press Release | 07/27/15

    Improving Air Quality in Delhi: Lessons Learned in the U.S.

    Washington, D.C. – This month’s 10-year anniversary of the United States-India Partnership highlights shared strategies.

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  • Press Release | 07/17/15

    $395 Million Clean Diesel Commuter Coach Purchase Highlights

    New Jersey Transit recently acquired 772 clean diesel commuter coaches.

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  • Press Release | 06/22/15

    Advanced Diesel Technologies Featured During Sustainable Tra

    The latest clean diesel innovations are on display at the Department of Energy’s showcase of sustainable transportation solutions.

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  • Press Release | 06/19/15

    More Clean Diesel Trucks Now On the Road Means Lower Fuel Co

    National Savings of 880 Million Gallons of Diesel Fuel (2007-2014) Comes as President Announces Proposed Second-Phase Rulemaking for Truck Efficiency.

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  • Press Release | 06/04/15

    Media Advisory: 50/50/50 by 2030

    50/50/50 by 2030: Transportation and the California Energy Challenge promises to be an open discussion about all possibilities and options facing Governor Brown's major proposal.

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  • Press Release | 06/01/15

    Meeting California’s Energy and Transportation Challenges by

    Can California meet Gov. Jerry Brown’s major new energy and climate initiative to reduce the use of petroleum products by 50 percent by the Year 2030?

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  • Press Release | 05/19/15

    New Environmental Study Urges “Caution” for Policymakers Con

    Uncertainty Over Amount of Methane Emissions & Diesel Technology Efficiency Warrant Further Examination

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  • Press Release | 05/14/15

    SuperTruck Barreling Down the Road of Sustainability

    Although Class 8 Trucks only make up 4% of the vehicles on the road, they use about 20% of the nation's transportation fuel.

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  • Press Release | 04/29/15

    American Lung Association’s “State of the Air 2015” Report R

    In United States, Clean Diesel Engines Helping Drive Clean Air Progress.

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  • Press Release | 04/22/15

    Earth Day: Energizing the World’s Global Economy and Future

    Meeting the Demands of a Changing World With Clean Diesel Technology.

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  • Press Release | 04/14/15

    Florida Again Among Top U.S. States In Registrations of Fuel

    Florida #3 In Largest Number of Diesels . . . #3 in Hybrids . . . & #3 in Diesel Pickup Trucks

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  • Press Release | 04/14/15

    California #1 State in Total Diesel Cars in Operation

    Clean Diesel Car & SUV Vehicles in Operation Increase 13.5% in 2014; Hybrids Up 15.1%

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  • Press Release | 04/09/15

    Stand Up for Transportation, Stand Up for Clean Air: Clean D

    April 9th is Stand Up For Transportation Day.

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  • Press Release | 04/07/15

    Emergency Diesel Generators Work to Keep Critical Services U

    Washington, D.C. - As Washington D.C. and surrounding areas of Maryland dealt with a temporary power outage today, diesel-powered emergency

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  • Press Release | 03/20/15

    Texas #1 in U.S. In Total Diesel Passenger Vehicles . . . #1

    Large population states Texas, California and Florida are the top states with the highest number of diesel car, SUV, pickup truck and van re

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  • Press Release | 03/19/15

    California, Texas & Florida Continue to Lead U.S. in Fuel Ef

    Clean Diesel Car & SUV Vehicles in Operation Increase 13.5% in 2014; Hybrids Up 15.1%

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  • Press Release | 03/12/15

    Capitol Hill Briefing: Meeting America’s Fuel Efficiency & E

    Washington, D.C. – As the U.S. advances efforts to increase passenger car mileage and decrease Greenhouse Gas emissions in the coming years,

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