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Diesel Hybrids - The Best of Both Worlds
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Most heavy- and medium-duty vehicles use diesel engines because of their power, durability and efficiency. Now with the commercial availability of hybrid technologies, these two power sources are being married to further improve efficiency and reduce emissions in school and transit buses, delivery vehicles and other trucks. During this webinar speakers discuss the combined technology, its performance and the cost-benefit analysis that should be undertaken as fleet managers buy new vehicles and policymakers look for ways to encourage adoption of cleaner technologies. 


1st Speaker: Guy Rini, Director - Government Business Development
Volvo Powertrain 

"Diesel Hybrid Technology: What, Why & How" - Guy Rini, Director, Advanced Propulsion Systems for Volvo Powertrain will provide an overview of diesel hybrid technology: how it works, the difference between electric and hydraulic hybrids and the benefits each offer in terms of reduced emissions and fuel economy. He will also give some examples of how Volvo is working with the U.S. military to incorporate this technology in their fleets.

2nd Speaker: James M. Williams, Director Sales & Distribution - New Products
Navistar, Inc.

"Vehicle and Equipment Applications" - Jim Williams, Director, Sales & Distribution New Products for Navistar will discuss the growing use of diesel hybrid technology within the delivery, utility and school bus industries. Jim will share some of his customer's perspectives regarding the factors which must be weighed in these industries before purchasing the technology. He will also adress the compatibility of this technology with renewable diesel fuels.

3rd Speaker: David Mikoryak, Manager - Electric Drives Programs
Allison Transmission 

"Diesel Hybrid Transit Buses: The Heavy Duty Prius" - David Mikoryak, Manager, Electric Drive Program at Allison Transmission will discuss the growing use and acceptance of diesel hybrid technology in the world of public transportation. Despite their greater cost compared to conventional diesel buses, more and more localities across the country believe the investment in diesel hybrid transit buses is worth the higher purchase cost. David will discuss how this market has developed, what the experience of transit agencies has been and where he sees it going over the next several years.

4th Speaker: Robb Barnitt, Senior Project Leader

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) 

"A Comparative Look at Diesel Hybrid Transit Bus Performance" - Robb Barnitt, Senior Project Leader at NREL will provide an overview of NREL's research findings on the economic and environmental performance of diesel hybrid transit buses across the U.S., including comparisons with those powered by natural gas.

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Did you know?

Today's clean diesel heavy-duty trucks are 98 percent cleaner than those made 10 years ago.