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Perils and Prospects of an "All of the Above" Approach to the Energy Future
June 20, 2012 // Diesel Technology Forum

Join National Journal as we explore how striking the right balance between green technologies and existing energy sources could impact America's energy future and the U.S.  read more

U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree Delivered by Clean Diesel Power
November 7, 2011 // Diesel Technology Forum

On November 5, the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree 2011 began to make its way from California to a December 6th, U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. The tree and all of its ornaments are being transported by the latest in heavy-duty clean diesel t. . .  read more

Clean Diesel Power, Ready for Tomorrow, Working Today
November 16, 2010 // Diesel Technology Forum

A diverse collection of federal, state and local officials joined EPA, environmental, health and industry representatives in October in Washington, DC to highlight a new 2010 generation of clean diesel power in trucks and buses and celebrate the clean air. . .  read more

The Power Behind the Games
June 18, 2010 // Diesel Technology Forum

Southern African Caterpillar dealer Barloworld Power help keep the ball in play for South Africa's FIFA 2010 tournament  read more

Audi Clean Diesel "Oil Parade" TV commercial
May 18, 2010 // Videos

An Audi TV commercial for its clean diesel cars shows barrels of oil returning to a container ship.  read more

Why Join the Diesel Technology Forum?
May 6, 2010 // Diesel Technology Forum

Learn more about how your company can join the Diesel Technology Forum as it celebrates its 10th year as the leading advocate for clean diesel technology.  read more

75 Years of Diesel for Passenger Cars (125 Years of Bosch)
March 8, 2010 // Diesel Technology Forum

  read more

Biodiesel Precipitates Above the Cloud Point
December 16, 2009 // Diesel Technology Forum

This is a sample of B11 biodiesel blend purchase from a retail site in Illinois. The sample was placed in a refrigerator overnight at 35°F (well above the cloud point of the fuel). Precipitates on bottom of container can be seen once the container is ligh. . .  read more

First-Year Successes of the Diesel Emissions Reduction Program
November 24, 2009 // Diesel Technology Forum

Clean Diesel, Clean Air: The First-Year Successes of the Diesel Emissions Reduction Program  read more

Clean Diesel Technology Showcase: Ready for Tomorrow, Working Today
November 3, 2009 // Videos

Amidst over 20 exhibits, vehicles and engine displays, Washington, DC was transformed into the Clean Diesel Power Capitol.  read more

Technology Showcase Excerpts by Gina McCarthy, Asst. Administrator for Air & Radiation, U.S. EPA
October 15, 2009 // Videos

Policymakers and industry leaders gathered for the Clean Diesel Technology forum to highlight the broad importance of clean diesel technology that is powering key sectors of the economy. The event highlighted clean diesel powers importance and readiness t. . .  read more

Diesel Forum: Clean Diesel Technology Showcase Highlights
October 14, 2009 // Diesel Technology Forum

Clean Diesel Technology Showcase Highlights Diesel Power`s Current, Future Importance  read more

Meet Clean Diesel: On the Road to Clean Air
June 29, 2008 // Diesel Technology Forum

A new generation of improved clean diesel engines and trucks are on the road -- more environmentally sound and as vital to our economy as ever.  read more

Light Diesel Vehicles to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
April 18, 2008 // Videos

Tom Fulks and Michael Coates of the Diesel Technology Forum talk about how diesel vehicles can help reduce the carbon footprint of transportation.  read more

Clean Diesel's Arrival: The One-Year Anniversary
October 10, 2007 // Diesel Technology Forum

A brief overview of the one-year anniversary of ultra-low sulfur diesel's arrival in the U.S. Commentary provided by Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director, Diesel Technology Forum  read more

DTF Speaks About the Benefits of Light-Duty Diesel Vehicles
July 5, 2007 // Videos

A segment from the show Miles Around featuring the Diesel Technology Forum.  read more

Sound Bites
October 6, 2006 // Diesel Technology Forum

Provides sound bites and quotes from diesel industry stakeholders  read more

2007 Clean Diesel Trucks
October 6, 2006 // Diesel Technology Forum

2007 emission-compliant trucks are some of the cleanest and most sophisticated engines on the road. This footage shows these clean air haulers in action around the nation's capitol  read more

President Bush: Clean Diesel Test
October 6, 2006 // Diesel Technology Forum

This footage shows the President seeing the results of clean diesel for himself as DTF executive director Allen Schaeffer conducts a white-handkerchief test with a 2007 Clean Diesel truck.  read more

Clean Diesel Cars
October 6, 2006 // Diesel Technology Forum

This footage shows some of the light-duty vehicles taking advantage of diesel's fuel efficiency and clean emissions.  read more

Graphics and Technical Animations
October 6, 2006 // Diesel Technology Forum

These graphics and animations show some of elements at work in clean diesel technology, from engines to exhaust systems.  read more

Diesel Technology in Washington
September 18, 2006 // Diesel Technology Forum

This video shows the highlights of a week-long Forum event campaign in Washington, DC geared toward educating policymakers about clean diesel technology.  read more

Look Who's Talking About Clean Diesel
September 11, 2006 // Diesel Technology Forum

A profile of some of the policymakers and recognizable individuals discussing the benefits of clean diesel technology.  read more

Diesel: Road to 2007
September 11, 2006 // Videos

The diesel industry has invested an unprecedented amount of time and energy leading up to the clean air milestone of 2007. Watch this video to find out about diesel technology's role in the future of energy.  read more

Meet Clean Diesel
September 11, 2006 // Videos

Watch this program highlighting the progress and potential of clean diesel technology, including commentary from public officials, industry and media.  read more

Spotlight On: Diesel Technology
September 11, 2006 // Videos

Public television spot on clean diesel technology.  read more

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Ram Trucks Commercial "Farmer" Long Version

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Diesel Old Wives' Tale #1: Sluggish | 2015 Volkswagen Golf TDI Clean Diesel

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Corporate Review: Innovations in Diesel Engine Technology

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#BuiltForIt Trials - Lantern Festival

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ANIMATION: Nissan TITAN XD’s Cummins 5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel Two-Stage Turbocharger

The Cummins 5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel in the upcoming 2016 Nissan TITAN XD features a unique Cummins M²™ Two-Stage Turbocharger is configured to work well at both low and high engine speeds....

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