Driving the Future with Clean Diesel

The benefits are clear: diesel vehicles provide improved fuel efficiency and less greenhouse gas emissions.

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Regarding the VW Diesel Situation

Read the Diesel Technology Forum's statement the mitigation aspects of the Volkswagen settlement announcement

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  • Policy Insider | 07/29/16

    What happens with diesel come January 20, 2017?

    Diesel has transformed to play a leading role in whatever the future looks like - pro-fossil fuels, a clean energy future or some combination.

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  • Press Release | 07/28/16

    New Clean Diesel Technology Cuts Truck Emissions & Fuel Use

    Advanced diesel truck engines, innovative emissions control systems, and cleaner diesel fuel have improved air quality and fuel economy.

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  • Recent News | 07/28/16

    New clean diesel technology results in fewer emissions

    Advanced diesel truck engines & emissions control systems have resulted in major improvements in air quality and fuel efficiency.…

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  • Recent News | 07/28/16

    Daimler Trucks NA introduces its 1st medium-duty diesel

    Daimler Trucks North America has officially entered the medium-duty truck engine business with the Detroit DD5, a 4-cylinder diesel.…

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  • Recent News | 07/28/16

    Trucking Into the Future: How Diesel Is Up to the Challenge

    Ask the average person on the street what comes to mind when you say the word “diesel.” The majority will respond “truck.”…

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  • Recent News | 07/27/16

    Cummins Launches New Efficiency Initiative, Engine Lineup

    Cummins Inc. has unveiled its new SmartEfficiency initiative and 2017 diesel and natural gas engines for the school bus market.…

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