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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has developed a new mapping feature to promote local environmental awareness called MyEnvironment. MyEnvironment provides users with a cross-section of environmental information including data on air, water, energy, and much more. The MyAir section includes a feature called “Cleaning Your Air: Reducing Diesel Pollution” and will display information on clean diesel projects in the selected area.

Reducing emissions from diesel engines is an important air quality challenge facing this country and the Diesel Technology Forum has worked closely with the National Clean Diesel Campaign and similar programs at the local community level to help to reduce hundreds of thousands of tons of NOx and diesel particulate matter and save millions of gallons in diesel fuel use thus far.

Along with many other community leaders, school districts, industry groups, port authorities, environmental groups, public health officials, local and state governments your commitment and support to protecting our nation’s health and modernizing America’s in-use diesel fleet has led to the current successes.

The Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) program has been successful in providing nearly $500 million in grant funding throughout the country for over 400 grants to reduce diesel emissions. In fact, DERA grants attract matching funds: as a result, for every dollar invested in the program, as many as three dollars are invested by other government agencies, private organizations, industry and non-profit organizations. Finally, DERA grants are extremely cost-effective, generating up to $13 in benefits for every federal dollar invested.

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