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Diesels, Despite Competition,Will Still Lead Fuel Frugality March - Audi
July 22, 2014 // Forbes

At a diesel technology workshop, held here in Sweden, Audi said around 40 per cent of its engines sold since 2010 were diesels, and this will continue to at least 2020. In Europe, close to 50 per cent of all new cars sold are diesels. Diesels have been. . .  read more

Japan's Mitsubishi to enter Australia diesel market with import terminal
July 22, 2014 // Reuters

(Reuters) - Japanese trading house Mitsubishi Corp said it is entering Australia's diesel market by building a $103 million gas oil import terminal to tap growing demand and as a closure of several refineries has squeezed domestic supply of the fuel.  read more

US: Kia eyes diesel entry in US
July 11, 2014 // Just Auto

Kia is looking at introducing diesel engines to America as part of its long-term plan to continue growing by entering new segments. The arrival of the K900, a Mercedes S-Class-sized luxury saloon, in the US in February and the launch of the company's f. . .  read more

Betting on Diesel Cars, Exxon Is Set to Expand Belgium Refinery
July 10, 2014 // The New York Times

More than half of the new cars registered in Western Europe last year were diesel powered, compared with only about one in 10 back in 1990. (Even now, only about 3 percent of new cars in the United States are diesels, according to the market researcher IH. . .  read more

Audi Won Le Mans with 22 Percent Less Diesel Fuel
June 27, 2014 // Hybrid Cars

Audi reached its goal of reducing fuel consumption while competing in the Le Mans 24 Hours. The company’s R18 e-tron quattro clinched its 2014 Le Mans victory while consuming 22 percent less fuel than its predecessor in 2013. With 13 victories in 16. . .  read more

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