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Honeywell International

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies to address tough challenges linked to global macrotrends such as safety, security, and energy.

Honeywell is a leading supplier of advanced turbochargers that are a core part of the success of clean diesel technology in a wide range of applications. Honeywell's Turbo Technologies business is a unit of Honeywell Transportation Systems, one of the four main divisions within the corporation, and is recognized around the world as one of the leading manufacturers of engine boosting systems for passenger cars and commercial vehicles on such vehicles as Audi, BMW, Mercedes diesels, as well as the upcoming Chevrolet Cruze diesel.

Honeywell is also a leader in emerging biofuel technology through its UOP Green Fuel project. Honeywell UOP's process technology produces greener distillate fuels from natural oils and wastes such as jatropha, camelina and algae. Honeywell's Green Jet Fuel, has been successfully demonstrated in several aviation settings including powering China's first biofuel demonstration flight with AirChina.


Technology From Honeywell's UOP To Be Used To Produce Renewable Diesel For U.S. Military
October 1, 2014 // PRNewswire

DES PLAINES, IL - UOP LLC, a Honeywell company, announced today that its advanced process technology will be used to produce renewable diesel for the U.S. military through the U.S. Department of Defense Advanced Drop-in Biofuels Production Project.  read more

Turbocharging In Your Future?
October 1, 2014 // Hybrid Cars

With the need to downsize engines, reduce weight and reduce fuel consumption, turbocharging has become a technology many manufacturers are turning to. Honeywell Turbo Technologies (HTT), one of the leading global developers of automotive turbochargers,. . .  read more

Honeywell UOP Renewable Fuel Technology Powering Largest Commercial Advanced Biofuel Facility In U.S.
May 15, 2014 // Honeywell International

DES PLAINES, IL - UOP LLC, a Honeywell company, announced today that its UOP/Eni Ecofining process technology is powering the largest commercial advanced biofuel facility in the U.S., capable of producing more than 130 million gallons of renewable diesel . . .  read more

Honeywell's hot streak
March 24, 2014 // Automotive News Europe

Honeywell's turbo business is on a hot streak in Europe. Six of the last eight European Car of the Year winners have gotten a boost from Honeywell's best-known component, and Ferrari has hired the supplier to help power its Formula One racecars. Some d. . .  read more

Honeywell Expects To Launch 100 New Turbos In 2014
February 11, 2014 // PRNewswire

ROLLE, Switzerland - Honeywell Turbo Technologies, a leading global developer of automotive turbochargers, expects to launch more than 100 turbocharger applications involving more than 20 new technologies in 2014. These new applications will serve Honeywe. . .  read more

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