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Sales of Natural Gas Trucks and Buses Slows
July 23, 2015 // Fleet News

Natural gas (NG) powered Class 8 truck and bus sales have slowed when calculated as a percentage of the total market, according to a new report from ACT Research.  read more

Diesels easily trump gas for total cost of ownership
July 17, 2015 // Auto Blog

Buyers shouldn't let some initial sticker shock dissuade them from buying a diesel model, according to the latest research. Following up on a study from 2013, the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute continues to find that paying the e. . .  read more

Want to save money? Buy a diesel vehicle
July 9, 2015 // University of Michigan

ANN ARBOR—Vehicles with clean diesel technology may be more expensive to buy or lease than those that run on gasoline, but they can save their owners thousands of dollars within just a few years, says a University of Michigan researcher. He found that . . .  read more

VW Golf TDI circles US on less than $300 of diesel
July 8, 2015 // Auto Blog

$294.98. That's how much it cost the Volkswagen team to drive across all 48 contiguous states in the union. Which is pretty impressive, but it's only part of the story. In an effort to demonstrate just how economical a conventional diesel engine can be. . .  read more

Bosch: Emissions – How diesel affects air quality
July 8, 2015 // Robert Bosch LLC

Paris, London, Stuttgart – air quality is at the focus of debate all over Europe – a debate that often centers on diesel engines. “Diesel engines have never been more important than they are today. This technology is key to achieving fleet CO2 emission. . .  read more

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Cummins and Schneider Electric Create Corporate Responsibility Partnership to Improve Global Communities
about 3 hours ago