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Umicore is a global materials technology manufacturer with expertise in materials science, chemistry and metalurgy, devoting 80 percent of its research and development funds in the area of clean technologies.  Umicore is a leading supplier of automotive clean air technologies such as emissions control catalysts used in light-duty and heavy-duty vehicle applications. 

They produce a range of clean diesel technologies including Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems for medium- and heavy-duty diesel engines; nitrogen oxide storage catalysts, catalyzed diesel particulate filter systems and NOx adsorbers.  In addition, Umicore is actively developing materials and products for rechargeable batteries and photovoltaic technologies and fuel cells.

Umicore announces investment in new catalyst facility in Poland
June 10, 2014 // Umicore

Brussels - Umicore announced today the construction of a production facility in Nowa Ruda, Poland, for emission control catalysts used in cars and trucks. The investment will allow Umicore to meet the growth in demand for automotive catalysts from its cus. . .  read more

Umicore opens dedicated catalyst facility in China to reduce emissions from truck engines
March 18, 2014 // Globenewswire

Umicore today opened its new production facility for catalysts used in heavy duty diesel (HDD) vehicles such as trucks and buses. The catalysts made at this facility will enable truck producers and engine manufacturers in China to meet the new China IV em. . .  read more

Umicore enabling Europe's drive for clean air
June 4, 2013 // Reuters

Brussels - During the European Commission's Green Week on clean air, Umicore announced the commissioning of its new dedicated production line for heavy duty diesel (HDD) catalysts in Florange, France. To cater for upcoming demand Umicore recently annou. . .  read more

Diesel Technology Forum - Year In Review 2012 Annual Report
March 12, 2013 // Diesel Technology Forum

We are pleased to present the 2012 Annual Report in an interactive format that includes embedded video and active links. We invite you to take a few moments to read and reflect about the work of the Diesel Technology Forum in 2012.  read more

Rules for more efficient cars could make aluminum golden
January 1, 2012 // Bloomberg

Companies that supply emissions-control technology for diesel-powered vehicles, such as Tenneco Inc. and Umicore SA, may gain sales as German automakers that specialize in diesel vehicles increase U.S. sales and American automakers produce new diesel offe. . .  read more

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