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From powering the generators that give hospitals electricity within 10 seconds of a blackout to fueling military and disaster-relief vehicles, diesel is a key player in protecting our public health and safety.

Emergency Backup Power

Each second counts in the operating room, and diesel is a silent yet reliable partner to virtually every hospital across the country. No other energy source provides full-strength backup power within seconds of a failure by the primary electricity grid.

In the aftermath of hurricanes, diesel-powered equipment immediately goes to work, aiding in rescue operations and clean up processes. Diesel's work continues as a partner in the rebuilding efforts. During power outages, diesel supplies the back-up power to keep critical services in operation.

Emergency Response

Call 911, and odds are that a piece of diesel-powered equipment will respond. Fire trucks, ambulances, and other rescue equipment all rely on diesel.  Diesel is also becoming the power of choice for police cars. 

Homeland Security and Public Safety

Diesel vehicles play an important role in protecting our public safety and homeland security. Approximately one-third of the fuel consumed by the U.S. military each year is diesel. And, in the aftermath of the 2001 terrorist attacks, diesel-powered construction equipment played a major role in the recovery and cleanup operations.

Just what is clean diesel? Learn about the components of clean diesel technology from the engine to the fuel to the emissions control systems.


French President Holland: "We must defend the diesel engine"
March 29, 2015 // Auto Plus (France)

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Study affirms diesel emissions technology, boosting efforts to replace old engines
February 10, 2015 // The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“It’s a game-changing study,” said Frank O’Donnell, president of the Clean Air Watch, a nonprofit environmental advocacy group based in Washington D.C. “It absolutely confirms that modern pollution controls can convert the dirty diesel engine into somethi. . .  read more

Study finds no link between diesel technologies, cancer
January 27, 2015 // Greenwire

Lifetime exposure to exhaust from modern diesel technologies is not likely to cause cancer, according to a study released today by a nonprofit research organization. The study, published by the Health Effects Institute, is the first comprehensive look . . .  read more

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