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Average diesel retail price below gasoline price for first time in six years
July 23, 2015 // U.S. Energy Information Administration

On July 13, the U.S. average diesel fuel retail price fell below the average regular gasoline retail price for the first time since the week of August 10, 2009. From August 2009 through June of this year, retail diesel fuel sold at an average premium of 3. . .  read more

Mercury diesel outboard powers up US forces
July 21, 2015 // Marine Business

It is the second outboard developed by Mercury for the US Department of Defense in the wake of a ship crash in 1995 which resulted in an explosive petrol fire. As a result, the department decreed that all petrol engines and petrol storage tanks on US Navy. . .  read more

Total cost of ownership: Diesel vs. gas vehicles
July 21, 2015 // The Boston Globe

A study from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute looked at the savings between diesel and gasoline car options. Check out the major differences in price and fuel economy in these passenger cars, SUVs, and pickups that offer both a. . .  read more

Mayor Lee Announces San Francisco to Use Renewable Diesel in City Fleet
July 21, 2015 // City of San Francisco

Switching to renewable diesel will dramatically accelerate the progress San Francisco has made in cleaning its diesel fleet, slashing greenhouse gas emissions from diesel vehicles by more than 60 percent. Using renewable diesel also reduces the emissions . . .  read more

NJ Transit Bus Purchase Highlights Diesel Benefits
July 20, 2015 // Mass Transit

The $395 million agreement for the purchase of 772 clean diesel commuter coaches by New Jersey Transit is yet another example of major transit agencies recognizing the economic, safety and environmental benefits of advanced clean diesel technology, said A. . .  read more

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Low Diesel Fuel Prices Enhance Market for #cleandiesel Vehicles- Diesel Fuel Dips Below Gasoline Price in 20+ States
16 minutes ago