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Diesel cars in vogue now in Singapore
August 20, 2014 // The Business Times (Singapore)

As diesel engines became cleaner, the government cut the diesel surcharge progressively to 40 Singapore cents per cubic centimetre currently. But the biggest boost to diesel was the CEVS, and the reclassification of COE Category A for small cars. CEVS. . .  read more

Four-Seat Volkswagen 'XL2' Diesel Plug-In Hybrid Coming?
August 20, 2014 // Green Car Reports

If Volkswagen can really produce a four-seat production car that achieves more than 100 miles per gallon in everyday running, it would be a huge achievement.  read more

Bosch expands exhaust-gas treatment facility
August 20, 2014 // Automotive Engineer

Bosch has expanded its exhaust-gas treatment facilities to cope with the increased demand for the technology. The company expects global requirements for the systems to double by 2020 as regulations become stricter, and so in preparation for this has o. . .  read more

Cleaner heating oil coming to the Northeast
August 19, 2014 // Politico

Industry experts hope cleaner heating oil will bring the same boost that ultra-low-sulfur diesel has brought to the auto industry since it became mandatory in 2010. Diesel and heating oil are essentially the same substance, though their sulfur levels can . . .  read more

Seeing Purpose and Profit in Algae
August 18, 2014 // The New York Times

So far, virtually the only marketable products based on algae have been high-end skin creams. But a Nevada company, Algae Systems, has a pilot plant in Alabama that, it says, can turn a profit making diesel fuel from algae by simultaneously performing . . .  read more

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.@wyotech students put the kibosh on ‘rolling coal’ - They're rolling clean #cleandiesel
about 1 hours ago