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President Obama Signs Diesel Emissions Reduction Act Into Law
January 5, 2011 //

Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director of the Diesel Technology Forum (DTF), issued the following after President Obama signed the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) into law Tuesday night.

"While the reauthorization of DERA isn't receiving the publicity that some other legislative issues attracted, it will be a significant and important accomplishment for the 111th Congress. Because of the national importance of modernizing older diesel engines to reduce emissions, DERA is one of the most important clean air initiatives passed by Congress in recent years.

"In addition, DERA is important to our national economic growth because diesel engines power over 95 percent of our commercial trucks and an overwhelming majority of our ships, locomotives and farm and construction equipment. In fact, when measured in tons per kilometer, more than 90 percent of the world's global trade is diesel-powered.

"The combination of new clean diesel technology and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel has helped to reduce diesel emissions to near zero levels for new buses, trucks and off-road equipment. Now the older engines that continue to power our economy will also benefit from the upgraded engines and filters provided by DERA. This legislation will accelerate the introduction of even more clean diesel technology to as many of our older diesel engines as possible."

DERA Background

  • DERA was created by Senators Tom Carper (D-DE) and George Voinovich (R-OH) and passed into law in 2005.

  • The new DERA reauthorization was approved by the Senate on December 16, 2010 and by the House on December 21, 2010. When signed into law by President Obama, the new legislation was reauthorized for another five years.

  • The legislation authorizes $100 million annually for five years, for a total of $500 million, however the actual annual amount will depend on each year's funding appropriation.

  • According to EPA, every $1 spent on DERA upgrades has resulted in $13 worth of health and environmental benefits.

  • DERA is supported by more than 500 environmental, health, industry, labor and government organizations.

  • Since 2006, new ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel has reduced sulfur emissions by 97 percent. Just as taking the lead out of gasoline in the 1970s enabled a new generation of emissions control technologies that have made gasoline vehicles over 95 percent cleaner, removing the sulfur from diesel help usher in a new generation of clean diesel technology.



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Did you know?

Today's clean diesel heavy-duty trucks are 98 percent cleaner than those made 10 years ago.