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Once Dirty, Diesel Has Cleaned Up its Act, Turning Adversaries into Allies and Partners for Progress
May 2, 2012 // Diesel Technology Forum

Decades ago "dirty diesel" was an all too common refrain in newspapers and even formed the basis of a dump dirty diesel campaign from a leading environmental group. But today, thanks to major changes in engines, fuels and emissions control technology, die. . .  read more

Diesel Industry Forecast: Future Growth
July 18, 2011

Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director  read more

Vacation 2010 with Clean Diesel: Spend More Time Relaxing and Less Time Filling Up at the Pump
May 28, 2010 // Diesel Technology Forum

As Memorial Day approaches, the vacation season is set to begin and with it, the conversation about fuel prices and how much driving on this summer vacation will cost consumers.  read more

Clean Diesel Cars Gaining Ground - Green Jobs, Greening Sales, Green Police, and More Green $ for Consumers
April 15, 2010 // Diesel Technology Forum

The stars are lining up: Diesel fuel prices are favorable, a new study by highlights diesel’s superior value over hybrids, new government fuel economy mandates are in place, and consumer tax incentives still available. Current products are win. . .  read more

Clean Diesel = Clean Spring Air
March 1, 2010 // Diesel Technology Forum

Signs of spring are emerging - plants are sprouting, days are lengthening and yes, diesel retrofit projects are blooming. As the cold days of winter fade; meetings, events and announcements of retrofit projects will continue to grow.  read more

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Diesels, Despite Competition,Will Still Lead Fuel Frugality March — Audi
about 36 hours ago