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Shrinking engines while expanding performance
October 1, 2014 // Fleet Owner

Mirroring a trend occurring in the Class 8 heavy truck segment, smaller displacement engines are being developed for the light truck market as OEMs try to boost fuel economy without sacrificing performance.  read more

Our Guide To Every 2014 And 2015 Diesel Car On Sale In The U.S.
June 25, 2014 // Green Car Reports

The latest generation of diesels are significantly cleaner than their older brethren, with particulate filters and urea injection reducing harmful emissions. And, the economy and performance of modern diesels often beats their gasoline equivalents, while . . .  read more

Sales of new cars surging as motorists return to the market
May 10, 2014 // The Irish Independent

SALES of new cars are up over 30 pct. so far this year, with a 45 pct. rise in April alone. Diesel cars continue to out-sell petrol models by three-to-one, with lower-emission models selling best as motorists try to reduce road tax costs.  read more

Diesel revolution: Who needs hybrids?
March 25, 2014 // Agence France-Presse

Diesel-powered cars might be more expensive to buy, but they're cheaper to run, offer better fuel efficiency than petrol or even hybrids and, thanks to a number of technological upgrades, have also managed to shed their image as sluggish, noisy and pollut. . .  read more

Wanted: New Limo to Carry the President, Must Be Made-in-USA
March 19, 2014 //

The U.S. Secret Service has begun the process of ordering up a new presidential limousine — but it will be a lot more complicated than simply checking out what’s available in Washington showrooms. It takes plenty of torque to move a beast like the Beas. . .  read more

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