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Tomorrow’s Clean Vehicles, Today: Cars and trucks are already meeting—and beating—future fuel economy standards
May 25, 2015 // Union of Concerned Scientists

Diesel vehicles use a more energy-dense fuel and a different combustion cycle than a gasoline engine that, together, lead to improved fuel efficiency. New advances in pollution-control methods have made the pollution from diesel vehicles comparable with g. . .  read more

New Chevrolet Cruze Diesel offers economical cruising
May 25, 2015 // WTOP Radio (Washington DC)

I would have liked to sample the Diesel Cruze for a year to see if I could top the highway mpg score of my own Cruze, which was 50.2 mpg over 50 miles. The Cruze Diesel did the same 50 miles at 58.6 mpg and I didn’t even try like I had to with my Cruze Ec. . .  read more

Hyundai boss Zuchowski sees green light for small pickup
May 25, 2015 // Automotive News

LOS ANGELES -- A small, versatile pickup based on the Hyundai Santa Cruz concept seems to be headed toward production soon, the automaker's top U.S. executive said last week. Dave Zuchowski, CEO of Hyundai Motor America, said he expects the Santa Cruz . . .  read more

Richland nuclear plant prepares for emergencies from terrorist attacks to volcanic eruptions
May 22, 2015 // Tri-City Herald (WA)

The Richland nuclear plant has had three 4,160-volt diesel generators to power emergency core cooling pumps since the plant began operating in 1984. A fourth diesel generator was purchased in 2007. But after Fukushima, the NRC required a fifth be added to. . .  read more

A new era of predictability for US biodiesel
May 20, 2015 // Biodiesel Magazine

We are on the cusp of a new era in U.S. biodiesel, a transitional period between the chaos of the unknown and the order of predictability. By June 1, the U.S. EPA will do what it should have done long ago—release its proposed biomass-based diesel volum. . .  read more

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A diesel hybrid prototype #VW Golf from #Bosch would make #cleandiesel even cleaner.
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