Dear President-Elect Trump...

Whether your energy policy is “all of the above,” a “clean energy future” or somewhere in between, we’ll be ready.

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The Switch to Renewable Diesel

San Diego joins the CA Renewable Diesel Club of cities operating their entire fleets exclusively on the fuel.

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What is Clean Diesel?

Watch the video to find out exactly what makes today's diesel clean.

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  • Policy Insider | 11/21/16

    Diesel Options in the U.S. Get Some Zoom Zoom

    The Mazda SKYACTIV-D CX-5 is the right vehicle at the right time, giving consumers a great new option in the red-hot crossover SUV market.

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  • Policy Insider | 11/21/16

    LA Auto Show Green Buzz Includes Clean Diesel

    The 2016 LA Auto Show media preview had many product announcements that dealt with green vehicles, including electric cars & clean diesels.

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  • Policy Insider | 11/17/16

    What exactly is upgrading infrastructure? It’s not pretty but results are worth waiting for.

    Clean diesel power will be the technology of choice delivering on infrastructure promises.

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  • Recent News | 11/17/16

    Green Car Journal Announces Green Car Awards Finalists

    Finalists for 2017 Luxury Green Car of the Year™ are a diverse group of 'green' cars including plug-in, hybrid & advanced diesel vehicles.…

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  • Press Release | 11/16/16

    Mazda’s Signals Renewed Interest in Diesel Vehicles in U.S.

    Mazda's new clean diesel CX-5 SUV coming to the U.S. is a strong signal that interest in diesel vehicles is on the rebound in the U.S.

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  • Recent News | 11/16/16

    All-New Mazda CX-5 Crossover Will Have Diesel Engine Option

    This is a clear signal that auto manufacturers remain committed to clean diesel for fuel-efficient vehicles & great performance.…

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