Regarding the VW Diesel Situation

Read the Diesel Technology Forum's statement regarding clean diesel vehicles in the U.S.

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Emergency Response

Over 98 percent of first responder vehicles, including fire trucks, ambulances, and other rescue equipment, are powered by diesel.

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Great Taste! Fewer Emissions?

Consider the benefits of clean diesel technology as you fire up the grill this summer.

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  • Recent News | 06/27/16

    Will Phase 2 punish alternative fuels?

    By 2040, diesel will account for 90% of all fuel consumption by trucks, with some gasoline and a small amount of natural gas.…

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  • Recent News | 06/24/16

    Light-Duty Diesel Keeps Trucking

    The diesel light truck market is doing very well due to improved fuel efficiency, power & durability.…

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  • Recent News | 06/23/16

    Bosch Korea says diesel engine is very clean, eco-friendly

    Bosch believes diesel is very clean and its eco-friendly engines are meeting Korean emission standards.…

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  • Policy Insider | 06/23/16

    Forum’s U.S. “Radio Tour” Highlights Clean Diesel Technology

    The Forum launched a national radio tour to discuss the advancements of clean diesel technology and influx of clean diesel vehicles around the country.

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  • Policy Insider | 06/22/16

    The Hidden Engineering Marvel Behind the Panama Canal

    The Panama Canal and U.S. East Coast ports invested to process increased trade flow, so has the prime technology used to move all this freight–diesel.

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  • Recent News | 06/22/16

    NBB to Congress: Biodiesel is advanced biofuel success story

    Biodiesel is delivering the vast majority of advanced biofuel under the RFS & is poised for continued growth - National Biodiesel Board…

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