What exactly is Clean Diesel?

The term "clean diesel" is generating a lot of buzz lately. Watch our latest video to find out exactly what makes today's diesel clean.

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Regarding the VW Diesel Situation

Read the Diesel Technology Forum's statement the mitigation aspects of the Volkswagen settlement announcement

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Driving the Future

Diesel vehicles provide fuel efficiency with less greenhouse gas emissions.

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  • Recent News | 08/22/16

    Diesel, Nat Gas Battle Over $2.7B Truck Emissions Funding

    New clean diesel trucks that meet EPA & California Air Resources Board standards for lower NOx emissions can be put into service right now.…

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  • Recent News | 08/19/16

    Honeywell UOP introduces new hydrotreating catalysts for cleaner diesel

    Hydrotreating helps produce cleaner-burning gasoline and diesel that meets increasingly stringent global fuel regulations.…

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  • Recent News | 08/19/16

    Cummins Unveils New 15-Liter Engine for Emergency Vehicles

    With 505 to 600 hp, the X15 Performance Series provides an ideal power match for emergency vehicles & unmatched acceleration.…

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  • Policy Insider | 08/19/16

    America's Children Go Back to School ... Made Safer and More Reliable on Clean Diesel School Buses

    The modern yellow school bus powered by today’s diesel engine is the right choice for student transportation.

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  • RT @SiemensUSA: #Siemens is excited for onsite testing of next-gen clean diesel-electric #locomotives in Pueblo CO today! https://t.co/IMSK…

    Diesel Technology Forum Via Twitter

    @DieselTechForum 08/18/16

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  • Recent News | 08/18/16

    India seeks to expand biofuels market to $7.5 billion by 2022

    Blending 5% of biodiesel with regular diesel and 10% ethanol with gasoline could boost the market to $7.5billion by 2022.…

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