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Diesel Drivers

Clean Diesel Vehicles Available in the U.S.

A thorough list of clean diesel cars, trucks and SUVs currently available in the U.S. Clean diesel is a proven technology that is quiet and fun to drive.


Diesel Drivers Overview

Number of Diesel Choices

There are 49 diesel options today; by the end of 2017 we expect 61 total options for diesel (cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs).*

Today's Tally (2016 )
  • 32

  • Passenger cars and SUVs

  • 17

  • Pickup trucks and vans

Tomorrow's Projected Choices
  • 43

  • Passenger cars and SUVs

  • 18

  • Pickup trucks and vans

*Check with the manufacturer or your local dealer to confirm current model listings & availability.