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The Diesel Technology Forum is engaged in events throughout the year ranging from technology displays to speaking engagements to Congressional briefings.

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Upcoming Web Learning Series


The Diesel Technology Forum announces a new Web Learning Series

Beginning September 2, the Diesel Technology Forum will host a Web Learning Series on a range of topics including personal transportation choices, goods movement, rail and water transportation, emergency preparedness, agricultural productivity and efficiency, renewable fuels, construction efficiency and more. These sessions are part of DTF’s Web Learning Series, that are designed for policy makers, researchers, media, students and others seeking the latest insight from leading experts in technology, policy, research and development. The 60 minute sessions include the presentation of new research, important insights and useful information on key policy issues including energy, environmental, climate, and economic choices in each of the topical areas.

Who should Attend? Each of the sessions is on a unique and timely topic but are each a blend of technical information, relevant policy discussions, and real world experience. Opportunities are provided for participants to pose questions to the presenters. All web events are free but require pre-registration.

Wanna save money? Buy a diesel car.

September 2, 2015 – 12:00pm ET

Consumers have more fuel efficient vehicle choices than ever before. Hybrids, plug-in electrics, gasoline and more. Today’s pump prices, while low, are a short-term snapshot of one factor for that influences buying decisions. More consumers are looking at the big picture when considering fuel-efficient options for their cars trucks and SUVs.

Based on fuel costs, resale value and operating costs, what is the total cost of ownership for a diesel over a comparable gasoline engine in cars, SUVs and pickup trucks? Which models stand out?

This webinar will present and discuss findings from a recently released University of Michigan Transportation Institute (UMTRI) study entitled “Total Cost of Ownership: A Diesel Versus Gasoline Comparison (2012-2013).”

Featured Speaker: Bruce Bezlowski, Managing Director, Automotive Futures, University of Michigan Transportation Institute, Detroit, MI

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Diesel Cars, Trucks and SUVs in the U.S.: Customer and Societal Benefits, Challenges and Opportunities

September 23, 2015 – 12:00pm ET

Since 2005, the U.S. has experienced a renaissance in diesel for passenger cars and light trucks. With the transition to cleaner diesel fuel and new technology engines, and a sharpening focus on future fuel efficiency requirements, diesels are poised to continue to grow in the U.S.

This session will present new research findings that quantify the benefits to the consumer in owning and operating a diesel car, pickup truck or SUV, and societal benefits in fuel savings and emissions reductions. The session will also feature a state of play for diesels in the U.S. today, including current and future models, market outlooks, and will also address key factors in the consideration of a diesel including fuel prices and availability of fuel stations.

Speakers: Casey Selecman, Senior Manager, Martec Group; Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director, Diesel Technology Forum

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To get more information on this web learning series and future webinars email us at dtf@dieselforum.org.

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