What is Clean Diesel?

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Diesel power provides two-thirds of the energy for machinery on America's farms.

Diesel Equipment Vital to Agricultural Sector

Diesel engines power more than two-thirds of all farm equipment, move 90 percent of its product and pump one-fifth of its water in the United States. Farm tractors, combines, irrigation pumps and other equipment are the workhorses in an industry vital to our national economy and quality of life. U.S. agriculture is among the most productive and economically valuable in the world.

In the agricultural sector, there is currently no cost-effective substitute for diesel in tractors and other farm equipment that can provide sufficient power to pull the necessary equipment weight at slow speeds while providing remote portability. In addition, diesel is used in more phases of crop “development” than in other industries. Diesel vehicles are used to plant the product, care for the product (through watering and applying fertilizers and pesticides), harvest the product and even bring the product to market for processing. As U.S. farms increased in size, they also become more mechanized and productive, shifting in the process from gasoline-powered machinery to more efficient and powerful diesel-powered equipment.

Tractor in Field

In 2014 farmers started investing in new tractors and harvesters that are using the most fuel efficient, productive and cleanest technology available. These fourth-generation ("Tier 4") engines are the cleanest diesel engines ever produced. This new generation clean diesel technologies is ultimately a game-changer for farmers in America and ultimately around the world. With near-zero emissions, these machines are capable of doing more work than ever before, and will help boost the farm economy and contribute to improved air quality. Meeting these stringent ‘Tier 4’ U.S. emissions standards is made possible by the clean diesel system which combines ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, advanced clean burning diesel engines, and emissions control and exhaust aftertreatment systems.

The good thing for America’s air quality is that clean diesel technology is now the standard for all new technology, everything from new passenger vehicles to highway commercial trucks to off-road equipment including the construction and forestry sectors along with agriculture.

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