What exactly is Clean Diesel?

The term "clean diesel" is generating a lot of buzz lately. Watch our latest video to find out exactly what makes today's diesel clean.

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Driving the Future

Diesel vehicles provide fuel efficiency with less greenhouse gas emissions.

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Back to school with clean diesel

The modern yellow school bus is powered by today's diesel engine.

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  • #trucking industry on the path toward wringing more miles out of every gallon of diesel fuel @fleetowner https://t.co/0TaHNKwTDH

    Diesel Technology Forum Via Twitter

    @DieselTechForum 08/31/16

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  • Recent News | 08/29/16

    Sacramento County cleans up diesel fleet with renewable fuel

    Department of Energy says renewable diesel has better performance than petroleum diesel & 70-80% percent less greenhouse gas emissions.…

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  • Policy Insider | 08/25/16

    Your State Won the Clean Air Fund Lottery. Now What?

    States hit the clean air lottery, thanks to $$ that will be flowing from an environmental mitigation trust from the VW emissions settlement.

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  • 08/24/16 VIA FACEBOOK

    The rule completes a suite of ambitious standards that, over time, are expected to deliver not only cleaner big rigs but also cars and S.U.V.s with double the fuel efficiency of current models.

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  • Recent News | 08/24/16

    Annual Fleet Efficiency Study Helps See Fuel-Saving Trends

    17 fleets operating 62,000 tractors & 217,000 trailers saw a 3% increase in fuel economy in 2015, saving $501 million on fuel.…

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  • Recent News | 08/24/16

    This truck hauls! Volvo Iron Knight breaks semi speed records

    Volvo Trucks has the world’s quickest semi-tractor that reached 171.5 mph! It's powered by a 2,400 hp quad-turbocharged diesel engine.…

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